A Letter to Charleston

Dear Charleston Community,


Thank you…
We first of all want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support in dreaming up and building this wonderful new space to practice yoga in the Lowcountry. A new business is always somewhat of an anxious endeavor, but with the tremendous enthusiasm and help we have received from local yogis and soon-to-be yogis, the process was all that much more calming and rewarding. Most of all we are thrilled to have been so quickly embraced by such a highly sophisticated and mature yoga community as we have in the Charleston Area. With various choices in studios around town, it warmed our hearts and inspired us to know that our concept is one that can and will add to the already fruitful local yoga universe in Charleston. Thank you all so much.

About the Owners…
We are Sarah, Thomas, and Elizabeth Glenn, proud new parents of The Yoga House. Thomas is originally from Charleston; Sarah is originally from the Upstate. Both attended the College of Charleston what seems like ages ago. Sarah is an artist and ecstatic new Mom. Thomas has been a management consultant for a large multinational corporation for more than seven years. The two are avid yogis, and their travels have afforded them the unique opportunity to see and experience a multitude of studios and styles and teachers in virtually every part of the country. As mentioned, our Local Community has a wealth of yoga and a veritable buffet of choices in styles and wonderful instructors as well. With all these choices, why open a new studio?

Why The Yoga House?
We thought about this for a very long time, and the reasons are many. First and foremost, as residents of West Ashley, there was no geographically close choice in studio that offered the types of class experiences we wanted to experience on a daily basis. Traveling 30 minutes each way to class became more and more difficult, especially with the news of our new arrival Elizabeth. In addition to the geographical need for a new studio in West Ashley, it also became clear that the Charleston Metro area as a whole needed one roof, under which any yogi could feel at home. A place with every comfort that fulfilled most every want – both for yoga classes and for physical space and comfort. So what’s in a name? The Yoga House is family, friends, one roof, some rooms, some comforts, some smiles, and some peace.

But is a House a home?
A Home for yoga in Charleston is exactly what we are working toward at The Yoga House of Charleston. How do we make a house a home? The pieces are not all there yet. In this House, You, the Charleston community, are the family, and it’s Your wants and needs that we are hoping to fulfill. Rest assured that we will do all we can over the next months and years, and we are committed to becoming Charleston’s favorite place to practice. We are blessed in the Lowcountry with a treasure trove of yoga instructors of all styles, ages, and personalities. Over the past six months, we have made some really hard thought choices in teachers that share the TYH vision. We love them and we know you will as well. Please come find your place in this House. Join us at Your Yoga House of Charleston!


The TYH Family

Yoga House Of Charleston