Thank you…

We first of all want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support in dreaming up, building, and cultivating this wonderful space to practice yoga. We love this community, and since early 2012 we have met and loved so many in this wonderful town who have opened up their lives to yoga and trusted the Yoga House in the process. We Embrace all - whether young or old; new to yoga or season practitioners; flexible or not yet; lovers of the gentler, slower side of life or those who want to strengthen and sweat. We aim to be your Home for yoga - all under one roof. We recognize that whether you are trying yoga for the first time or making a decision about where you will practice on a regular basis, choosing a studio is a very important and personal experience, and for this reason, everyone inside this space understands The Yoga House's "Our Embrace" philosophy.

Our Embrace…

This is not just a thought or even just a mantra here at The House. We act on it in all we do here. Every day we work to personalize your experience in yoga within these walls. The studio is beautiful and well-appointed, but at the end of the day, it's just wood and metal and sheetrock and slate and cork. The elements that make The Yoga House a Home are the people in it. Teachers and studio staff truly believe in this space and in this mission and have the very most earnest reasons for being here - to share in this collective yoga journey and help others experience the life-changing benefits of regular practice. Each of you is the most important person in the room. There are no judgements, expectations, or requirements. You are where you are, and we respect and honor that. In fact, we strive to understand where each student is in her or his practice and where they want to go. In some cases (in fact, it's probably the norm rather than the exception) we as practitioners don't even necessarily know at a given time what that direction will be. Yoga is a practice, an evolution, a transformation. So we try to listen - to your words, to your energies, to your abilities and challenges - and help you cultivate an experience on your mat in each and every class that is meaningful and enlightening and fun and powerful. We encourage students to develop a dialogue with teachers and with each other, so that we are sure to grow right along with you. You'll soon find yourself in a room full of friends and at a comfort level that reminds you that you are in the right place.

Namaste, and See You at The House.

The Yoga House Family
Yoga House Of Charleston